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Milkshake's walk down the aisle is in a magazine!

One of the greatest, if not the greatest, honors in my ballwalkpark history was being asked to walk Milkshake down the aisle at Ben and Lori's wedding. As with everything else dog related, including your dog in your wedding is apparently an increasing trend nationwide. Milkshake got his 15 minutes of fame in this month's edition of Natural Awakenings - read the article here! You can read my account of the days events in my blog post: bearer of the ring bearer pt.2 

I am glad I got some experience walking Milkshake down the aisle because I know one thing for certain and that is that Bam and Bailey will be a part of my wedding!

ballwalkpark is in Seattle Met Magazine: How to pick a dog walker

23 Reasons It’s Great to Be a Pet in Seattle

For starters, we teach dogs how to talk. Not really, but if Penny here could, she’d tell you she never wants to leave.

By Matthew Halverson


Photo: Radius Images/Corbis

1 Because Someone, 
Somewhere Is
 Willing to Walk
 Your Dog

That’s actually a blessing and a curse. Sure, it’s great that we’ve got more dog-walking businesses than you can shake a gnawed-on stick at (a search of Yelp shows more than 100 in Seattle and on the Eastside), but how to know which one is right for Rover? Kelley Goad, owner of Ballwalkpark and KING 5’s best dog walker in 2010, has some advice:

• Go under cover The best way to pick a pooch handler is to watch them in action at an off-leash park. Some will stand around while the dogs play. Others will get down and dirty with their four-legged clients. Do we need to tell you which one to hire? • Peruse the pack Chances are, a walker already shepherds a group of pups, so it’s worthwhile to find out how many dogs are in it and what breeds are represented. “If your dog hates huskies,” Goad says, “you don’t want him to go with a bunch of huskies.” • Trust your gut “A dog walker is going to be a bigger part of your life than you think,” Goad says. (She’s in her clients’ homes so often, they make her lunch and buy her Christmas gifts.) So it’s not only important that they’re good to your dog, but also that they give you a “good person” vibe. Ballwalkpark, 206-659-9027;