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An hour and a half of fetch, swimming and tail chasing at one of Seattle’s off leash dog parks. Your pup will come home tired, happy and towel dried! Providing exercise, socialization, basic obedience. Who doesn't love to come home tired dog?!

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please call for pricing info         (206) 965-0135

The base price for Off Leash Excursions is $27 per trip. 

3x/wk minimum

sorry, no short term service  

must be fixed if over 6 months old

no aggressive dogs



what it means to be a part of the  pack

The dog park groups are structured on play style and energy level. All park groups are on a consistent schedule and this is very important to the safety and happiness of the pack. If you have ever seen a dog walker at the park with 8 dogs completely under control and wondered how they do it, the key is consistency. Along with having tons of fun and plenty of exercise, your pup will also learn a ton at the park and gain invaluable socialization skills. Dogs are social animals and having a bond with other dogs that they see regularly is fulfilling a crucial need for them. 


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While your pup is busy wrestling with his buddies and chasing after the ball, he will also be learning better behaviors a little bit each day. Whether it is recall, walking on leash, dropping the ball, taking treats gently or riding in the car, these behaviors and many more will be improved each day your pup is in the pack.  

One of my very favorite things about ballwalkpark is watching the pups develop bonds within the pack over time. You can see for yourself through daily facebook and instagram updates, videos, blog posts, or of course, play hooky and come to the park with us some day!


a typical day at the dog park with ballwalkpark

picked up at your house 

ride to the park with the pack in my climate controlled, dog proofed, canopy truck bed.

get to the park!!!!

run, chase, play, tug, swim for 60-90 minutes with 7 of your pups best friends

stop by the water bowl for some refreshments and baths (when necessary)

load up in the truck for a cozy snuggly ride home

dropped off at home with a nice towel dry at the door

a nice long nap until you walk in the door from work