You know that sad look your pup gets when you pull out the suitcase? How about that excited dance they do when we pull up to take them to the park, but to their surprise, end up moving in for a few days.... Travel doesn't have to be bad news for your pup - Chris and I are both available for housesitting! Here are a few reasons why you want ballwalkpark to move in next time you head out of town:

We have a good time! 

We have a good time! 

Good for your pup:

  • Dogs are creatures of habit, they love routine. Staying in their home, with familiar sights, sounds and smells. Everyone likes the comfort of their own home, right?
  • Daily routine is uninterrupted - your pup will be going to the park, with the same pups and same people that he/she is used to. We do our best to keep the routine at home as similar to yours as possible with feeding and walk times.  
  • Exposure to disease and stressful situations are minimized. Going somewhere with a number of new dogs is fun at first, but it can become very stressful, especially for longer stays.  
  • Your pup will be smothered with love and attention and will have our full attention. We have so much fun with the pups at the park, but getting to know them in their home environment and being able to cuddle with them on the couch is really a treat for us!  
  • Extra:  I have found that over the years, the dogs that I housesit for behave entirely different around me afterwards. Spending time one on one, outside of the park environment, allows for a completely different kind of bond that makes training and working with your pup on a daily basis much more effective, which benefits everyone!  

Vacation should be relaxing for everyone!  

Vacation should be relaxing for everyone!  

Good for you: 

  • You don't have to worry about letting us know about your dogs little quirks and things that may come up during your trip - we already know your pup!  
  • Your home will be lived in and will deter any crime while you are gone. We bring in the mail, alternate lights, water plants, etc.  
  • Piece of mind knowing that your pup is in the hands of someone who loves them, knows them, and is going to provide plenty of pics while you're gone. (Confession: Michael and I have been known to request FaceTime sessions with our pups while we're gone....) 
  • You don't have to ask friends or family who may or may be unwilling or unprepared to properly care for your pup. Plus, you know that feeling when you ask someone for a favor then don't feel like you can really ask for what you want (i.e. FaceTime....)? This is our job, we love it and we are more than happy to do it! 
  • You can count on us. We are experienced professionals, certified in First Aid and CPR, and throughout our term of service, you have come to rely on and trust us with your pup already. 
  • Extra: I am a clean freak and genuinely enjoy spending the last day of my visit cleaning your house.... and I actually get excited about your cleaning products... Wouldn't expect that from a dog walker, huh?  


  • Housesitting is available for current ballwalkpark clients only 
  • At this time, boarding is not available (but let me know of any Queen Anne rentals - we are in the market again!) 
  • Rate is $75/night (24 hour period)  - additional pets and/or medications may be extra
  • Non-refundable deposit of 25% is due at time of booking 
  • We do not job share (i.e. we do a couple days and your friend does the other) - our insurance company won't allow it due to liability.  
  • Holiday rates apply at an additional 100% for New Years Eve, New Years Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, an additional 50% for Memorial Day weekend (Fri-Mon), 4th of July, Labor Day Weekend (Fri-Mon), Thanksgiving (Th, F) 


We have dates on the books as far out as March right now, so if you have a trip coming up, let us know so we can get it on the books and one less thing for you to worry about as your trip approaches!   


Posted on October 31, 2013 and filed under Services.