Pumpkin Carving Stencils for Dogs

This is a popular seasonal repost of our Lab-o-Lantern and French-o-Lantern, plus stencils for you to do your own!  


I am still impressed at my hidden artistic ability, despite the fact this was 2 years ago now! The stencil is the trick - just stick the the stencil and you will have your own pumpkin masterpiece of your pup.  

Bailey-Boo and Bam-O-Lantern 

Bailey-Boo and Bam-O-Lantern 


The girls were kind enough to model with their pumpkin look-a-likes

French Bulldog Pumpkin Stencil.png

The highly googled French Bulldog Pumpkin stencil you are after (courtesy of the French Bulldog Rescue Network):

And links for a 20+ favorite breeds pumpkin stencils, thanks to Better Homes and Gardens. 

Have fun and Happy Halloween!!!